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Orig­i­nally from Birm­ing­ham, I stud­ied geol­ogy as my first degree. Spend­ing 2 years in Asia kick­started my travel pho­tog­ra­phy and I doc­u­mented such areas as China post Tiana­men Square, abo­rig­i­nal refugees on Mt Pinatubo vol­cano and Tibet, before set­tling in Prague in the early 1990s after the wall came down. When Bosian refugees from the Yugoslavia con­flict started arriv­ing in the Czech Repub­lic I set set up an arts project teach­ing young regugees how to use a cam­era, doc­u­ment their lives and ulti­mately pro­duce an exhi­bi­tion tour of the work. This set the tone for work­ing as an ‘enabler‘ for artists and

I worked as a cura­tor for redgate gallery in Brix­ton and in com­mu­nity arts in Lon­don. I also work as a radi­ogra­pa­her doing med­ical imag­ing, oper­at­ing an MRI scan­ner, mov­ing from map­ping the earth to map­ping the human body. I am based in Birm­ing­ham, UK.


Portrait of James Taylor

With a geo­log­i­cal back­ground, I am inspired by nature,  such as desserts, vol­canic land­scapes and desserts. I am cur­rently intepret­ing these places through themes of com­plex­ity and min­i­mal­ism. As an artist I try to express the emo­tional res­o­nance of these extreme and beau­ti­ful landscapes

I see the earth as a dynamic whole, a 3 dimen­sional jig­saw puz­zle in time and space, which I try to slice into an image. Humans or ani­mals, nature or the urban; they are all part of a syn­thetic dynamic whole which forms a pat­tern. The pic­tures are rarely photo shopped; often real­ity can be stranger than fiction.


Please con­tact me for prices and sales info. Pho­tographs avail­able as lim­ited edi­tion signed prints, in vari­ety of sizes and for­mats deliv­ered to you any­where, Also as posters / can­vas / acrylic / dip­tych / trip­tych / post card, cal­en­dar set and more.

Com­mu­nity work

In addi­tion to solo shows of my work, I have spe­cialised in edu­ca­tional pho­tog­ra­phy project for peo­ple with lit­tle access to edu­ca­tion or resources.

I worked with Bosn­ian refugees in the Nyrsko camp in the Czech Repub­lic dur­ing the war in 1994. Refugees in the camp were often on the receiv­ing end of a journalist’s lens, so my project set out to teach young refugees to use a cam­era and doc­u­ment their envi­ron­ment. The result­ing pic­tures were dis­played in the exhi­bi­tion ‘exo­dus of souls’ which toured the Czech Republic.

In Eng­land I con­tin­ued to work in refugee hold­ing cen­tres, run­ning pho­tog­ra­phy projects at the Thorn­cliffe hotel cen­tre in Lon­don, set­ting up a mobile dark room, and teach­ing refuges how to pho­to­graph their envi­ron­ment and to learn print their pic­tures on the spot and keep them.

Between 1999 and 2001 I was cura­tor of Redgate Gallery, an exper­i­men­tal arts and per­for­mance space in Brix­ton, Lon­don. Dur­ing this time I curated over 40 exhi­bi­tions of art, pho­tog­ra­phy, sculp­ture and multimedia.